Charles Cecil: Only Blockbusters Work at Blockbuster Prices.

24 05 2007

Charles Cecil speaks about videogame price points and diverse markets on today:

Gears of Wars was clearly a blockbuster, people are happy to pay GBP 40 for that and feel it’s good value. But then we have all these smaller games like Katamari Damacy that get very well reviewed and perceived very fondly by people within the industry, but don’t sell to a wider audience. My view on that is you can only sell something for GBP 40 if it’s truly epic. Therefore, what we need to do is explore ways of bringing these highly innovative and great games in a different way. And that’s more like the TV model where you sell something cheaper and find ways to distribute it to a wider audience and maybe advertising can cover some of the revenues. We’ve got to find different models where we have the epic games on one side and the more ‘indie’ games on the other.



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