Ludocinematic Future?

21 05 2007

News broke last week of Michael Bay receiving a 25M USD budget to develop an FPS game.

While this is certainly part of a significant trend, Clint Hocking weighs in with some well founded scepticism:

“Nonetheless, company executives say they have a competitive advantage: a network of A-list directors that includes David Fincher (“Fight Club”) (8.6), Rob Cohen (“The Fast and the Furious”) (5.7) and, of course, Bay, whose latest movie, “Transformers,” is one of the summer’s most anticipated releases. Most film-based games are developed through third parties, and filmmakers often have little or no creative control. By contrast, Digital would let filmmakers direct their own games.”

So they don’t mean it only in the purely business sense. They actually think that they can just hand over lead creative on a game to someone who made some movies and that will work.




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