Games Moving into MSM

2 05 2007

The Independent Game Journalists Association features a couple of interesting and related posts, dealing with the entry of non-specialist, mainstream media journalists into video game coverage.

The Other Game Journalists

Too often, we think of the exclusive club of game nerds who write about game as the game journalists. In fact, as a cultural phenomenon, almost any journalist these days may find themselves writing or reporting about games.

Leeroy Leeds the Way is over a month old, but worth flagging up for a more anecdotal angle on the same phenomenon:

A recent piece in the Denver alt weekly Westword provides a good signpost on the road in the right direction.

I know the writer, Joel Warner. He’s not a gamer. Just a reporter. I would guess the last game he played a videogame was Wii Bowling at my house, and that was probably just because he wanted to try out my small collection of whiskey. Still, he got into the story of World of Warcraft celebrity Leeroy Jenkins and came back with an insightful and entertaining read.

The piece he links to is very much in the style of new games journalism.



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