GAME Acquires Gamestation

2 05 2007

UK retailer GAME has acquired Gamestation for £74M. MCV reports:

“The two brands will be kept separate within the newly-expanded business as GAME looks to increase its appeal to the mainstream consumer, with Gamestation very much focused on the core gamer.

The total investment includes £300,000 which will be set aside for new stores, and an assumed working capital figure of £7.5 million.

The financial statement also reveals that Gamestation’s gross assets total £60.9 million.”



One response

19 09 2007
Competition Commission: Game-Gamestation Merger Concerns « Pixel-love

[…] have given out more details on their concerns over the merger between Game and Gamestation that we blogged earlier this year. This is their website, and here are direct links to the PDFs of the news release […]

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