European developers must take control of distribution

27 04 2007

Nordic Game Program director Erik Robertson in an interview with stated that European games companies must focus on distribution in order to compete successfully on a global scale.

“We know the market is very large, but certainly the Nordic viewpoint is that too much control of these markets, and the access to our markets, are in Asian or North American hands. That’s the way the market looks now – it makes sense from a cultural, political and strict business viewpoint to try and change that. That means digital distribution but it also means non-proprietary platforms”

”The closer that the decision is made to where the game is actually produced increases the likelihood of getting your game published. That’s just a given.”

Robertson conceded that geography is an important factor which can hold European companies back in some ways: “Doing local business is easier. If you’re a developer in Tokyo it’s much easier to talk to your local developers than to some strange cold country that you couldn’t even place on the map.”

Read the full interview here.




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