UK Independent studios down from 400 to 150

12 04 2007

Tiga, the trade association for UK games developers, has numbered independent UK games studios at just 150, compared to 400 in 2001.

Unless the government invests more time and money in the rapidly growing games industry, Britain’s game developing talent will continue to seek brighter pastures abroad in countries such as Canada and Australia where the demand and rewards are greater, reports The Financial Times.

According to the story, SCi Entertainment’s decision to open a new studio for 210 development staff in Montreal, where wage contributions and tax incentives are being offered, means that only about a fifth of SCI developers will be UK based.

The company’s biggest IP, the Tomb Raider franchise, is now developed in California while the Hitman titles are produced in Denmark.

Chief executive Jane Cavanagh said, “The UK still has a good talent base, but other places are making a concerted effort to draw talent,” and suggested that the UK strongly consider offering games companies tax incemtives in line with the film industry if it didn’t want to place its strong development history in jeapordy.



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