Develop 100: Studios ranked by turnover

5 04 2007

The report shows that US studios accounted for £313m ($618 million) of the revenues generated, UK studios for £231.5m, Canadian studios for £185.5m and Japanese studios for £172.9m.

The figures, which rank developers according to revenues accumulated by their products through UK retail, are compiled from ChartTrack data, and account for 90-95 per cent of all UK retail sales for games.

For the third year running, Electronic Arts’ Canada studio tops the list, largely based on the continued success of its two teams’ multi-format franchises, FIFA and Need For Speed. EA has eight other studios in the listing as well, confirming its presence as the dominant force in the games sector.

Thanks to the success of its Mario and Zelda games on the Wii and DS, Nintendo’s Kyoto studios grabbed second place.

While the majority of developers listed are publisher owned, a number of independent studios made the top 20. Traveller’s Tales, developer of Lego Star Wars II, is the highest placed UK studio, and this year’s highest ranked independent overall. Second on the list of independents is UK-based Relentless, co-creator of Buzz! quiz games.

“The Develop 100 acknowledges the real victors in the games industry’s tireless pace to create games that are both creative and commercial – the developers themselves,” said Michael French, Editor of Develop. “Whilst the big players retain a massive presence, it’s good news to see that new hardware formats and new IP and ideas continue to drive the business commercially and creatively.”




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