Second Life hit by self-replicating game-object virus

20 11 2006

In fine cyberpunk form the attacker apparently created an object in the form of a spinning gold ring that appeared above the ground. Loaded with a script it self-replicated when touched and, if I understand it correctly, chased players around. The social engineering was simple: all of a sudden parts of the SL world were populated with these tantalisingly shiny objects, who wouldn’t want to take a closer look..

Half a million players experienced significant lag on hundreds of servers as a result of the object replicating. This apparently is what they look like.

Thankfully, as one Slashdot reader points out, they’ve already identified the suspected mastermind . If sighted please notify the appropriate authorities.

Updates on the situation can be found here. We can only hope the marketing department at Linden Labs aren’t quite so e




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