"Game Innovation" lab for academics and practitioners

12 10 2006

Alice has word that Henry Jenkins, he of MIT and fierce promoter of computer game culture, is one of the thought-leaders heading up a new and very exciting Game Innovation Research Lab in Singapore. Even better, the project has boatloads of money.

From the announcement:

The SMIGL initiative will enable students and researchers from Singapore to collaborate with MIT researchers and game industry professionals in international research projects. Beyond technology development, SMIGL will also conduct research on the artistic, creative, business and social aspects of games. The new initiative will also provide Singapore game researchers and professionals with access to cutting-edge technologies, the latest conceptual developments and links to international game development and research communities.

Lest that all sounds too Ivory Tower for some, there are some real-world outcomes:

Outcomes planned for SMIGL’s initial period include development of both an academic and a high-impact research program, publication of peer-reviewed research papers and production of publicly distributable digital games.

The focus is heavily on developing Singapore’s games market, but with an influx of cash and the right (applied and research) minds there’s hope for some new interactive entertainment experiences around the corner for us all.

By Aleks Krotoski




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