TIGA opens middleware SIG

1 10 2006

Independent games developer association TIGA will unveil a middleware special interest group at next week’s London Games Festival.

Designed to face the pressing issues caused by consolidation and the tech and tools arms race, TIGA Middleware will be formally unveiled on Monday October 2nd as part of the TIGA Content, Outsourcing and Middleware Market.

The group has been put together by TIGA CEO Fred Hasson and Mike Gamble, business development director of new engine company Instinct Technology. The group already has the support of Philips, Geomerics, Natural Motion, Digimask, Lifeform and Nice Tech.

“For a variety of reasons, middleware has taken something of a back seat over the past couple of years, but with the demands of next-gen game development now is the perfect time for it to once again be brought to the fore,” says Gamble. “By working together we will ensure that every game developer is aware of the technological help that’s available to them and the benefits they will reap by embracing it fully.”




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