Can Sony come back from this…

7 09 2006
Sony announced that they’ll only be able to ship half as many hardware units this year as originally expected and that the U.S. will only receive 400,000 at launch.
Worse news for Europe as it’s now confirmed that they won’t get any units until March of 2007.
Bad news for Sony, bad news for gamers, and bad news for publishers who were counting on installed hardware base to sell software units on.
I could make a personal comment on this latest turn, but really, what more is left to say about Sony’s launch execution.



One response

7 09 2006

Great news for eBay sellers!

I had no intention of buying a PS3 at launch anyway. I will be happy with my Wii and my 360 until 2008 or so. Maybe then PS3 will have enough exclusives to justify $600.

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