Free Radical increase games in production

24 08 2006

LucasArts and Free Radical team up for next-gen project

Free Radical Design, the studio behind the Timesplitters series, has teamed up with LucasArts to produce a new title for next-generation machines.

This project is the second next-gen title from the UK-based development team, which is also working on the first-person shooter Haze, to be published by Ubisoft.

“Free Radical has always been about titles with great gameplay and innovative design,” said Peter Hirschmann, vice president of product development at LucasArts.

He added: “In the battle for videogame quality, these guys are at the front of the line. This team’s pedigree is one of the best in the business.”

“In recent years, LucasArts has established itself as one of the hottest publishers on the planet,” said Steve Ellis, director at Free Radical Design.

“We’re honoured that they’re every bit as interested to be working with us as we are to be working with them.”




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