London Games festival Fringe

9 08 2006

Many computer games and most digitally mediated play falls beyond the scope of the recognised games industry. From the start, LGF will include a Festival Fringe to explore aspects of interactive entertainment as culture, creative form and a market that fall outside the mainstream.

The Fringe will reflect a spectrum of activity: independent development and distribution, participatory community play, artists’ games, live action role-play, augmented reality games, interactive storytelling and more. The Fringe will involve performance, exhibitions, masterclasses and seminars, participatory workshops and, of course, opportunities to play.

The Fringe will be a source of inspiration, innovation and opportunities. It will include a series of events aimed at new entrants and people who would like to develop careers in the industry – especially those currently under-represented.

Pixel-Lab is organising the Fringe programme;




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