E3 Round Up

16 05 2006

With E3 2006 now concluded, Gamasutra is providing a compilation of the coverage of the E3 2006 Conference sessions:

Some of the highlights include:

Massively Cross-Platform Games – On the second day of E3, a panel session was held concerning the ‘crossplatform’ concept, from playing a game through multiple console media, through more wide-ranging ideas, featuring luminaries like Richard Garriott, John Smedley, and Jessica Mulligan.

Game Piracy: Protecting Your Product – In a fascinating E3 panel. ‘Game Piracy: Update on the Latest Strategies to Protect Your Product’, the ESA’s Chunnie Wright talked piracy issues with representatives from the FBI, id, Activision, and more.

E3 Q&A: Nintendo of America’s Beth Llewelyn On Wii – At E3 2006, Gamasutra sat down with Nintendo of America’s senior director of public relations Beth Llewelyn regarding the Wii, as well as Nintendo’s ongoing strategy for the next generation.



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