EA agree to pay $14.9 million to current and past employees for overtime

26 04 2006

Via Next-gen.Biz

Some 200 entry-level employees will now become hourly workers eligible for overtime payment and a single grant of restricted EA stock.

According to EA, any monies remaining unclaimed from the class action settlement fund will be paid to the Ronald McDonald House Charities and to establish scholarships for female and under-represented minority students wishing to study interactive entertainment and five universities. The publisher has also stated that it does not expect the settlement to have a significant impact on its fourth quarter 2006 financial results.

One of the high profile personalities in the debate over working hours at Electronic Arts was the famed EA Spouse. The anonymous woman brought the debate over working conditions at EA into the spotlight following her blog post in November 2004.
EA Spouse has now come out of the shadows and revealed herself to be Erin Hoffman, wife of former EA programmer Leander Hasty.
“We had received so many excuses, and they had done so much overtime and everyone was so tired,” said Hoffman said.
The couple now work together at 1st Playable Productions, an independent game development studio.




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