Xbox 360 launched in the US today.

21 11 2005

The North Americans are getting to grips with the Xbox 360 today. Here’s a round up of what all the fuss is about(collected by Aleks at the Guardian):

Next Generation: Xbox 360 hot on eBay 5 reasons why the Xbox will bomb
Eurogamer: Xbox 360 – the lid is off
Gizmodo: Xbox 360 dissected
Kotaku: Final Fantasy XI debuts at zero hour
Gizmodo: Early Xbox 360 reviews
IGN: Xbox 360 launch guide – hooking it up
Kotaku: Perfect Dark Zero in the house
Rocky Mountain News: Pricey Xbox 360 designed as a family room accessory
Ferrago: Xbox 360 equipped with parental locking features
Major Nelson: A very special episode of Game With Fame (play vs. J Allard)
Wired: Xbox 360 hits a hi-def homer
USA Today: Xbox 360 revives addictiveness of video games
BBC: Xbox 360 to kick off console wars
CNet: Xbox 360 makes desert debut
MSNBC: Stores brace for Xbox 360 onslaught
AZCentral: Serious gamers lust over Xbox 360



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